Flavours of Green Tea you must try !

Let’s admit it taste of Green Tea is horrible. For all goddamn healthy reasons we want to have green tea , but we don’t enjoy the taste.

Here are some flavours of green tea which enhance it’s taste without adding extra calories. No more Grassy. Harsh. Bitter !

  1. Mint Green Tea.

Add few dried or fresh leaves of mint. The mint leaves can help relieve symptoms of indigestion and heartburn . Sipping this tea can also relieve congestion and headaches.


2. Ginger Lemon Green Tea:

Add ginger while boiling water and lemon drops after words. It boosts your immune system.


3. Cinnamon Green Tea:

Add cinnamon while boiling water. Cinnamon is good for diabetics and regulates blood glucose levels.


4. Chamomile Green Tea :

Add the chamomile flowers in boiling water. Else you can get it from market directly. It will help you with a good sleep.



Let us know what was your experience with all above flavours !


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