Coffee Lover ? Checkout these Coffee basics !

Whether it’s Monday blues or hectic Friday , Coffee always helps you to overcome all bad days and make you survive ! You start your mornings with coffee and know of all best Coffee joints in the town. A bad cup of coffee can spoil your mood and a good one can make you happier, No doubt you are a Coffee Lover.

These days there are many fancy coffee names available in coffee shops like Starbucks. Let’s see the Coffee basics you must know like how they are made, what they are made of and which one you can try out next time.

Here goes :

Espresso :

It is pure coffee. Strong & Bitter.

Coffee Shop Cafeteria Restaurant Service Concept

Cappuccino :

Its is made with Espresso + frothed milk. We all love it.


Latte :

It’s made with espresso+ steamed milk. You can milk froth if you wish. It’s a shortened form of the Italian  caffelatte, which means “milk coffee“.


Americano :

It’s basically Espresso diluted with hot water, so it is Espresso + Hot Water.


Filter Coffee :

This one is my favourite.  Coffee beans that have been roasted and ground are used for coffee making.

So, it is freshly roasted, grounded coffee beans + hot water/milk + milk froth .


Irish Coffee :

It’s not coffee it’s a cocktail made with

Hot Coffee + Irish Whiskey + Brown Sugar + Topped with Thick Cream. 

coffee latte art with woman hand

Mocha :

Mocha is Chocolate flavoured coffee and heaven for Chocolate-Coffee flavour lovers.  It’s made with Coffee + Milk + Chocolate Syrup + Cream.  

Mocha, Caffè mocha or Mocaccino are same.


Frappe :

Most loved in summers , it’s cold coffee . Made with

Espresso + Milk Froth + Ice .



Try all of them specially that which you haven’t tried yet and let us know about your experience !

You can’t buy Happiness but you can buy Coffee and that’s pretty close. 


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