Coffee Lover ? Checkout these Coffee basics !

Whether it’s Monday blues or hectic Friday , Coffee always helps you to overcome all bad days and make you survive ! You start your mornings with coffee and know of all best Coffee joints in the town. A bad cup of coffee can spoil your mood and a good one can make you happier, No doubt you are a Coffee Lover.

These days there are many fancy coffee names available in coffee shops like Starbucks. Let’s see the Coffee basics you must know like how they are made, what they are made of and which one you can try out next time.

Here goes :

Espresso :

It is pure coffee. Strong & Bitter.

Coffee Shop Cafeteria Restaurant Service Concept

Cappuccino :

Its is made with Espresso + frothed milk. We all love it.


Latte :

It’s made with espresso+ steamed milk. You can milk froth if you wish. It’s a shortened form of the Italian  caffelatte, which means “milk coffee“.


Americano :

It’s basically Espresso diluted with hot water, so it is Espresso + Hot Water.


Filter Coffee :

This one is my favourite.  Coffee beans that have been roasted and ground are used for coffee making.

So, it is freshly roasted, grounded coffee beans + hot water/milk + milk froth .


Irish Coffee :

It’s not coffee it’s a cocktail made with

Hot Coffee + Irish Whiskey + Brown Sugar + Topped with Thick Cream. 

coffee latte art with woman hand

Mocha :

Mocha is Chocolate flavoured coffee and heaven for Chocolate-Coffee flavour lovers.  It’s made with Coffee + Milk + Chocolate Syrup + Cream.  

Mocha, Caffè mocha or Mocaccino are same.


Frappe :

Most loved in summers , it’s cold coffee . Made with

Espresso + Milk Froth + Ice .



Try all of them specially that which you haven’t tried yet and let us know about your experience !

You can’t buy Happiness but you can buy Coffee and that’s pretty close. 


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Amazing health benefits of Copper Vessel Water.

Copper is an essential mineral of our body. According to Ayurveda storing water overnight in a copper jug and drinking it first thing in the morning may maintain good health.

Do you remember the days when our elders used to throw coins in rivers for religious reasons ? In old times the coins were made up of only copper and by throwing coins in rivers the copper get dissolved in water. Thus it can improve the health of people as rivers were the major source for drinking water. But now-a-days coins are made up of stainless steel.


Let’s Check out some other amazing benefits of copper vessel water.

  1. Copper Supplement : Copper is essential to the proper functioning of organs and metabolic processes. Our body cannot synthesise copper so the human diet must supply regular amounts for absorption. Drinking water from copper vessel completes of daily requirement of copper.
  2. Digestive system performs better:  According to Ayurveda, if you want to detox your stomach, drink a large glass of water that has been stored in a copper vessel, early in the morning on an empty stomach.
  3. Heals wounds faster: It’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, it is no wonder that copper is a great way to heal wounds quickly.
  4. Helps weight loss: When your digestion is good your metabolism boost up and you will loose weight.
  5. It has antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. 


Washing Instructions:

  • Scrub the vessel and rub the half lemon all over it.
  • Leave it for a min .
  • Rub again and rinse.

How to Use it?

  • Fill the mug in night.
  • Leave for 8-10 hours.
  • Drink a glass full on empty stomach.


Thats it ! only that much amount of copper your body needs. Once a day is enough.



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Benefits of Earthen Pot Water .

The Summer is arriving….. and now we’ll all start buying new set of bottles for fridge or some of us will head towards storeroom to get the last years fridge bottles. But, Do we know how harmful these plastic bottles are? unless they are BPA free.

Lets try Earthen pot (matka, matki, surahi) this time.

For generations, earthen pots or matkis have been used to store water and keep it cool. Water stored in matkis  is cooled to the temperature of the water which is ideal for drinking – not too warm and not too chilled.


Here are few benefits of drinking matki cooled water this summer :

  • Metabolism : Yes, you read it right, drinking matki water daily can help us  boost our metabolism without adding dangerous chemicals like BPA which are present in Plastic bottles .
  • pH balance :  Matki’s earthen nature provides a proper pH balance as clay pots are alkaline in nature , which helps in acidity and gastronomic pains.
  • Gentle On Throat : We all remember the times when our elders used to scold us for drinking chilled water after coming from direct sun. They might have asked to have normal water or matki water instead . Water stored in matkis  is cooled naturally and to the temperature which is ideal for drinking.
  • Improves Testosterone level: Clay pot water drinking can very well improve the level of testosterone in your body when compared water stored in plastic.



Some precautions to be used while using clay pot water.

  • Keep your earthen pot germ-free by cleaning and then drying the clay pot . You should make sure that you change the water stored in it regularly and clean the earthen pot once in 3 days.
  • The breeze will help keep your water cool down quickly.
  • Keep the clay pot covered at all times to prevent insects, dust and other contaminants from falling into it.
  • Use a clean, long-handled ladle.


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Flavours of Green Tea you must try !

Let’s admit it taste of Green Tea is horrible. For all goddamn healthy reasons we want to have green tea , but we don’t enjoy the taste.

Here are some flavours of green tea which enhance it’s taste without adding extra calories. No more Grassy. Harsh. Bitter !

  1. Mint Green Tea.

Add few dried or fresh leaves of mint. The mint leaves can help relieve symptoms of indigestion and heartburn . Sipping this tea can also relieve congestion and headaches.


2. Ginger Lemon Green Tea:

Add ginger while boiling water and lemon drops after words. It boosts your immune system.


3. Cinnamon Green Tea:

Add cinnamon while boiling water. Cinnamon is good for diabetics and regulates blood glucose levels.


4. Chamomile Green Tea :

Add the chamomile flowers in boiling water. Else you can get it from market directly. It will help you with a good sleep.



Let us know what was your experience with all above flavours !


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