Things you will miss about school, for sure :’)

Growing up Sucks !

It actually does . We all want to grow up and live independent like a Lady/Man but Adulthood comes with so many unwanted responsibilities .

When we come out of school and get prepare for the real world (college/job), we think how good life was at school. We compare both to feel better about ourself. Definitely school wins the race and in turn give that all time lovely ‘Missing those days’ nostalgia. Here are few things we will surely and terribly miss about school all our life.

1. Good Morning Prayers: No Mattar what is our religion , we all want god to lead us towards truth, light and immortality ! Peace .


2. Friend’s lunch boxes: Sorry Mom! no matter how much effort you make to prepare lunch, friend’s lunch seems more delicious.


3. First Crush : We can’t forget that unique feeling. Those tickles feel great and you wonder why? Pehla Nasha, Pehla Khumar …


4. Games Period : After school there will be no games Periods.


5. Fancy dress Competitions : You won’t get a chance to get dressed as a rabbit .


6. Sports day: It was our version of Olympics.


7. That Cute Teacher : Oh She/He was the reason of your 100% attendance . ❤


8. Childhood friends: We will never forget our chuddy buddies . Childhood friends are the real friends not the colleagues we pretend to like at work.


Cheers to the School Life … Live Young Wild and Free…. !




What do you miss about your school days and Why ? Let us know in comments!


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